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Summer Travel : Allow Time To Recover

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

If you're taking a vacation this summer and crossing time zones, be sure to allow rest from your exercise routine when you return. For each hour of time zone change that you endured on your trip, allow one day to recover to normal. Don't expect to run your normal pace and endurance, or cycle immediately upon returning.


Dr. Ehrlich On His Backroads Trip in Tuscany

Signs You Need More Time To Recover:

  1. Loss of desire to run or bike

  2. Heart rate lower than normal at your regular pace

  3. More fatigue after your workout

  4. Wanting to stop for a breather when you normally don't and less endurance overall.



  1. If you've traveled to Europe expect about 6 day to 8 days to feel back to normal for your exercise program

  2. Give yourself a few days of rest from jet lag

  3. Start with an easier routine: less miles, easier pace than normal

For more detail, see chapter 9 in my book, The Vail Method: Getting Better not Just Older


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